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T. W. M. Cameron Award - Le prix T. W. M. Cameron

T. W. M. Cameron Outstanding Ph. D. Thesis Award

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This is an annual award, established by the Canadian Society of Zoologists to recognize the author of an outstanding Ph. D. Thesis in Zoology submitted to a Canadian University.


The recipient of the award will be invited to present a lecture on the subject of the dissertation to the Annual General Meeting. He/she will be presented with a commemorative scroll at the time. In order to facilitate attendance of the recipient at the meeting, reasonable expenses for air travel at minimum rates and all accommodation and meals at the meeting will be paid by the Society, up to a maximum of $1,500. When a recipient is located at a great distance from the site of the Annual General Meeting, it may be necessary to defer or waive the presentation or lecture. The Executive may consider applications by the recipient for increased expense reimbursement.

Funding of Prize

Funded through ZET.

Frequency of availability

Maximum of one per year. The award need not be made every year.

Application/nomination procedures:

Nominations are to be made to the Chair of the Cameron Award Committee. For nomination, a thesis must have been accepted at a Canadian University within the period of July 1 of the year preceding the nomination deadline to June 30 of the year of the nomination deadline. Only one thesis may be nominated by a department, though more than one department in an university may nominate a thesis.

A nominated thesis should be accompanied by a joint letter from the Chair of the Department and the Supervisor indicating their reasons for the nomination. Theses should be saved in pdf format and emailed to the Chair of the Cameron Award. Thesis files larger than 10 Mb should be sent by mail on a single CD or DVD to the Chair of the Cameron Award. 

The judges for the Cameron Award (the Committee) be comprised of one representative from each Section of the CSZ, nominated by the section chair, to serve a term of 3 years, and that these positions be filled as current members of the present committee retire from Sections not presently represented on the Committee, until each Section has representation.

Application deadline

15 August of each year.