The recent executive order banning the travel of citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries to the US could have substantial effects on all aspects of scientific research and discovery. The Canadian Society of Zoologists believes science relies on the free movement and exchange of ideas. The proposed ban could have dire consequences for our mission as scientists and on the liberty, health, and well being of our members, as well as their students and trainees.

The Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences - Société canadienne pour les Biosciences moléculaires (CSMB-SCBM) and Canadian Association for Neuroscience - Association Canadienne des Neurosciences (CAN-ACN)have drafted a petition expressing deep concern over the executive order and calling on the Government of Canada to issue, "visas to those scientists and trainees who are currently misplaced by the US Executive Order."

The Canadian Society of Zoologists stands with CSMB-SCBM and CAN-ACN in its concern over the order and supports the call for action from the Canadian Government outlined in this petition.

Want to do more?

CSZ-SCZ members are encouraged to show their individual support for this initiative by signing the petition here.

Posted in Outreach on Feb 08, 2017